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Hi, I’m Hillary! I’m a corporate communications and food allergy advocacy specialist. 


I created this website to better connect with YOU by utilizing my professional toolbox of skills to:


Share my experiences, discoveries, and suggestions in hopes that it makes your food allergy road an easier one to travel. Please visit my blog for inspiration and recipes. Check out the About Me section for my bio. 

Advocate on behalf of my children and all the 32 million Americans with food allergies on critical issues pertaining to our community. Check out my YouTube series with FARE, Take Action! with Hillary Carter, where I highlight incredible advocates from all walks of life.

Collaborate with media, companies, or government officials who want to better understand the reality of living with food allergies. Visit my Media/Events section for examples of my previous work, and click on Let’s Collaborate if you’d like to partner on a project.


(Please note that I am just a mama doing my best, NOT a doctor, so always consult your board-certified allergist for medical advice. And, of course, read every label, every time, to find the best products for your family.)

The most important reason I do this is for my resilient, hilarious, healthy, high-energy, big-hearted boys Owen (11) and Grayson (9), who make my world go ‘round. The more people who understand food allergies, the safer my sons will be.

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